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You’re looking for a laserpointer to give presentations with, to play with your cat, to shine at the stars or maybe to scare birds away? Whatever your purpose is we have the perfect laser pointer for the job. Red laser pointers are commonly used for presentations or to play with your pet, Green laserpointers are a bit more powerful and brighter than red and violet laser pointers and therefore perfect to scare of goose and other animals that cause problems.

All laserpointers come with free batteries and the professional ones even come with a charger and rechargeable battery. Shipping is also free on all orders so what are you waiting for? Order your laser pointer now!

Everything about laserpointers – Green laserpointer – Red laserpointer – violet laserpointer – laserpointers information.

A laserpointer consists off a shell with a diode in it from a certain wavelength, 532nM is green, 605-630nm is red and 405nm is violet/purple. With a push of a button you activate the laserpointer resulting in a laser beam. The strength of the laser beam depends on the diode being used for the laserpointer, you have 1 mw laserpointers, 5mw laserpointers and even 100 up to 1000mw laserpointers. Across Europe only class 2, 1mw laserpointers are legal to buy and use anywhere you wish. Starlight lasers is the only supplier in Europe providing true class 2, 1mw laserpointers. We only sell Starlight lasers so you know our laserpointers are legal and safe to use.

A green laserpointer is sold the most because its best visible, red laserpointers are most used to give presentations with and violet laserpointers are a lot of fun to play with in the dark.

Buying a laserpointer from the biggest laserpointer shop in The United kingdom is easy, just choose the laserpointer you like and safely checkout using 1 of our many payment methods.

There are people looking for: laserpointer amazon, laserpointer cat, burning laserpointer, 5mw laserpointer, 100mw laserpointer, laserpointer alieexpress and strongest laserpointer, unfortunately there are only a few webshops who sell truly legal laserpointers that are safe to use that’s why we have a mission to make Starlight lasers the only laserpointer brand in Europe because they have patented diode technology that can produce a truly 1mw laserpointer which is legal to use by law: EN 60 825-1:2014

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