Frequently asked questions

Is shipping free and how fast do i have it?

All orders will be delivered for free including tracking information. Delivery time to any address is between 24 and 72 hours, we promise. You will receive the tracking code in your email after your purchase.

Do i need to be at home for the delivery?

That is not necessary because all orders fit through the mailbox.

Which laserpointer do you recommend to scare birds away?

There are 2 laser pointers suited for this:

What is the maximum output power of the laser pointers?

We only sell legal class 2, 1mw laserpointers. Anything above 1mW laserpointers are illegal and unsafe to use so don’t buy these. The difference with a 5mw or even a 100mw laserpointer is not that big because output power is not everything, diode quality is most important in a laserpointer.

Which laserpointers are the brightest?

Green laserpointers are the brightest and then red laserpointers, least visible are violet laserpointers so we advice to only use the violet laser pointers in dark areas.

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