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Starlight Lasers Combideal - G1 + R1 + V1

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Combideal package containing a green professional laserpointer (G1), red professional laserpointer (R1) and violet professional laserpointer (V1). Beautiful in the dark and of high quality. Includes charger, safety keys and rechargeable battery.

Starlight Lasers Combideal - G1 + R1 + V1

Not 1, not 2, but 3 quality professional laser pointers in the colors Green, Red and Violet bundled in a temporary combination deal.


Starlight Lasers G1:

This green laser pointer has a wavelength of 532nM. It is perfectly visible in the dark and even during the day, the cartridge lens on top of the laser pointer can be removed to create a fixed beam.

Starlight Lasers R1:

This red laser pointer has a wavelength of 605nM. Ideally suited for giving presentations.

Starlight Lasers V1:

This Starlight Lasers Z1 Violet Laserpointer has a wavelength of 405nM. Ideal for playing with your pet.

* All laser pointers are supplied with a duo charger, rechargeable battery and 2x safety key. All professional laser pointers fully comply with European legislation.

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