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Pro red laserpointer SL1

The pro red laserpointer SL1 is perfect for scaring birds because of its powerful red laser beam but also to give presentations with. You will receive a rechargeable battery, battery charger and 2 safety keys so you can start using the laserpointer SL1 right away.

The professional red laserpointer SL1 is our entry level red laserpointer in the red SL-series. To turn the green laserpointer on you hold the button in the middle and when you release it the laserpointer turns off again, as easy as that. Most people buy a red laser pointer to give presentations with, with our SL1 you don’t need to worry about battery life because on a full charge it will last days.

The wavelength of the red laserpointer SL1 is: 605nM which means it’s clearly visible to the human eye. In the dark and during the day you can clearly see the red laser beam. All of our laserpointers comply with laserpointers safety laws so it’s safe to buy for consumers and businesses.

The professional red laserpointer SL1 comes ready to use with: a Charger, rechargeable 18650 battery and 2 safety keys.

Laserpointer is perfect to use for the following purposes:

  • Scaring birds and other animals
  • Presentations (school, work, outdoor)
  • Astronomy (Shining at the sky - stars)
  • Tour guides
  • Construction purposes
  • Research purposes
  • Playing with your pet like a cat or dog (they love it!)
  • Present (Birthday, Christmas)
More Information
Colour Red
Output power 1mW
Wavelength 605nM
Visibility range 1000 meter
Laserpointer class 2
Dimensions 15 x 2 x 2cm
Including batteries Yes (1x rechargeable 18650 battery)
Including charger Yes
Including safety keys Yes (2 keys)
Brand Starlight lasers®
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